How We Got Here

It began with a summer tote bag from another manufacturer, the perfect size and design, it instantly became my favorite everyday bag.  Since it held all of my daily gear I teasingly began calling it my Gear Tote.  The bag was my constant companion.  So universal it served as a laptop bag, baby bag, boat bag, exercise bag, purse, book bag, overnight bag, you name it and this bag served the purpose.  Eventually, it became ratty and tired so I reluctantly went in search of a replacement.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer no longer made the large size.  I panicked!  I found others in the same easily cleanable PU Leather and in the same size but the designs available were drab and boring.  Drab and boring are non-starters with me so there was only one option left , make my own.  I found a manufacturer and started designing, and that’s when I realized Problem 1.  I found so many patterns that were fun, beautiful and cheerful that I couldn’t decide.  Then the lightbulb came on and I decided to share!  After all, if I loved the bag this much then so will everyone!  That thought became a beautifully coordinated handbag collection beloved by women everywhere.  I’m sure that you’ll find one or several you’ll love and I know the Gear Tote will work just as hard for you as it has for me.  We also offer an evolving array of products that continue to be inspired by the small, flavorful town we call home.Filter

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